Project PU Battle of the Week [Week 8 voting phase]

hey all, me and Bella have decided a set and a time.

We'll be doing a bo3 in the following formats: SV, BW, and Adv. Set will be at Friday 8pm GMT+1.

We wanted to cover some oldgens and decided to both do an oldgen we're less familiar with each (me with BW, Bella with Adv). Should be fun, see you there!


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Won 3-0 vs Aurist ggs :heart:

Honestly really fun set, lets look over the teams!
Game 1 -
:Omanyte: :Furret::Minun: :Delcatty: :Tropius: :Marshtomp: <- click this for the team!
I must admit i built this team in 15 minutes last night lol. Its a fun team based off of chipping away at mawile and lairon to have Furret and Delcatty come in and sweep. Alot of this team was really just "oh this mon looks cool, why not use it" though lol, although imo this team is still extremely fun. Also apparently Delcatty is bad? Not sure, i don't play this meta lol.

Game 2 -
:Vullaby: :Sneasel: :Stunfisk: :Tentacool: :Monferno: :Beheeyem: <- click this for the team!
I don't think i ever actually revealed what my PUPL builder is, but here's one team i used in last PL. Its a balanced offense team with a trio of strong offensive powerhouses (CB Monferno, SD Sneasel, NP Beheeyem) and a trio of defensive stalwarts that between the 3 of team basically can switch to any mon in the tier (Stunfisk, Vullaby, Tentacool). Overall a very good team with alot of useful outs and not relying on one pokemon to deliver all the offensive / defensive potential / be the wincon.

Game 3 -

:Morpeko: :Swanna: :Swalot: :Farigiraf: :Perrserker: :Appletun: <- click this for the team
This is a really fun team i made awhile back with Choice Band Morpeko. In my opinion CB Morpeko is incredible and is the best set for it tbh, more so than Scarf and HBD. Most of the other Pokemon the team support Peko with healing or hazard control or whatever. Its an extremely fun team to ladder with and i found it very potent and catches people off.
Hi everyone, thanks for having me on botw, unfortunately I got swept 3-0 but it was still a lot of fun and fairly close games. It was cool to get to exhibit some old gens games and Adv and BW are among the most interesting to me, especially Adv. I also think SV is in a pretty cool place right now even though some tiering action is in order.

Game 1 - Adv PU
:rs/minun::rs/wigglytuff::rs/houndour::rs/ivysaur::rs/corsola::rs/vibrava: (click images for paste)
This was a team I used that sleid had built for the Dedennes in PUPL, I wanted to use it because I am a big fan of Houndour in Adv and I also like the Counter Wigglytuff tech. It has a bit of a weakness to Furret but it can be played around, and as you can see I didn't do that quite right, saccing Corsola to a Focus Punch and not using Counter at the right time. It was nearly brought back with the power of Ivysaur and Houndour, I think if I had switched to Ivysaur turn 2 I would have been in a much better position in the game, I had no reason to keep my Minun in there I was just in a "lets chip this thing" mindset. Adv is probably my favourite PU and I'd like to play it with people more.

Game 2 - BW PU
:bw/Mr mime::bw/vileplume::bw/sneasel::bw/stunfisk::bw/rapidash::bw/natu: (click images for paste)
Another team I nabbed from the Dedennes that was played in PUPL, this time by skrimps + partially made by EviGaro. This was only my 2nd game in BW PU and all I knew is I'm a Stunfisk stan so that had to be on the team and then Scarf Mime seemed really strong so I chose to go with this team. Not got as much to say about this one, I got in myself a risky position needing to throw contact moves out on Stunfisk and ate paralyses for it, as can happen. I look forward to learning more about the tier and I'd love help getting into it from anyone who wants to.

Game 3 - SV PU
:sv/Abomasnow::sv/Sandslash::sv/Appletun::sv/Samurott::sv/Articuno::sv/Medicham: (click images for paste)
Built this one myself, I think that Bulky Offense is crazy strong right now, and in particular I wanted to put people on to SD Loaded Dice Abomasnow that fish anemometer introduced me to, and Draco Appletun which feels like the new hotness right now as there's not a lot that switches well into it. Unfortunately this team very much lost on Team Preview to CB Morpeko which I was not expecting to see and many of the plays I made were with the mentality that Morpeko was running scarf. In future I'm likely to replace the Scarf Medicham with a faster scarfer that outspeeds Morpeko after an Aura Wheel - something like Tauros-Paldea-Combat.

That's all, thanks everyone for reading, watching and voting for me. I've got a lot of improvements to make as a player and I'm motivated to do it because of the PU community.

My votes for this week's botw:

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